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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in the philosophy of Symbiotec and its promoters.

Symbiotec strives to remain a responsible corporate citizen. The surrounding proto-urban areas are selected to provide education and edification to the people. The civic authorities are generously included in creating the mood of general wellbeing.

Symbiotec’s CSR policy focuses in the following areas

Education Promotion

Ensuring environmental sustainability

Improving sanitation facility

Health care of Economic Backward Class

In pursuit of its Education Promotion program, Symbiotec is committed to improve the quality of education by adopting the schools, upgrading the infrastructure, providing the books and other study materials in the nearby village. Provide Scholarships to needy girl students to reduce the rate of drop out from school.

In order to improve the sanitation facility of economically backward class in the nearby villages, Symbiotec plans construction and maintenance of the Public Toilets for use by Public as well as in the Schools etc.

Symbiotec does not overlook its responsibility to the Eco-System. The Biosphere is enriched by a sustained environmental protection program. Plantation drive along with improving the drainage system in the close by locations is a move towards ensuring environmental sustainability. Symbiotec strives to remain a responsible corporate citizen and believes in every employee participating in its CSR program in order to contribute to the social cause in their own way.

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