Symbiotec PharmaSymbiotec Pharma

Symbiotec’s focus area of core-competence is the manufacturing of Cortico –Steroids. The facilities range from a kilo scale to several ton capacity with single batch size exceeding 500 Kgs for several API’s supported by dedicated R&D and well equipped Quality Control Laboratory.

Manufacturing Facilities at Two Locations in Indore , Central India.

Unit – I

Location Unit – I  : Pigdamber, Rau, Indore, Central India.

Production Capacity: This facility is approved by US-FDA and EU (German-Bavarian) Authorities, with capacity exceeding 12 Metric Tons Per Annum

Facility is Equipped with :

  • Hastalloy, GLR and SS reactors in AHU  driven Classified Area and FDV driven Technical Manufacturing area.
  • Classified Clean Rooms and Forced Draught Ventilation (FDV) driven Technical manufacturing areas.
  • Air Jet Mill for particle size reduction down to < 5 µ.
  • Operation range capability from + 130 °C to   -(minus)70 °C.

Unit – II

Location  Unit – II : Symbiotec, Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Pithampur, Indore.

Production Capacity : This mammoth facility is approved by US-FDA and EU (Bavarian German) Authorities  with total capacity around  100 Metric Tons Per Annum

Facility is equipped with :

  • 16000 Ltr. GLR the single biggest reactor used in Steroids Synthesis in Asia.
  • Single Batch size output is in the range of 100 to > 500 Kgs / Batch.
  • Other Special Alloy Reactors Like Hestalloy from 2KL to up to 10 KL, and various SS reactors like 2 KL to up to 12 KL Capacity.
  • With Special focus on Containment Technology using Enclosed Powder Transfer Systems (PTS), Glove Box, and more….
  • AHU driven Classified Clean Rooms and FDV driven Technical manufacturing area.
  • RO-EDI driven USP/EP Grade Purified Water in Loop
  • Air Jet Mill for Particle Size Reduction up to < 5 μm.
  • Operation range capability from +130°C to –(minus) 70°C.