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Symbiotec is committed to environment preservation. In pursuit of modernization and enhancement of capacities, Symbiotec has never overlooked its social obligations. The commitment to continuously remain an environment-friendly company is reflected in zero disposal of water waste achieved by employing very effective effluent treatment plant with necessary arrangements of incineration of steroid-waste, thus ensuring the steroid goods are not provided on the cost of environment.

We at Symbiotec reaffirm our commitment to grow in tandem with nature , making our planet a better place to live in , today and tomorrow.

Our SHE Policy

Symbiotec, Shall uphold its position as a leader in the research and manufacture of corticosteroids by conducting all its operations in a manner to protect the environment, health and safety of employees, associated parties and the community.

In fulfillment of this commitment, we maintain continual efforts to:

Comply with all applicable safety, health and environment laws and regulations.

Consider the identified environmental aspects, safety and occupational health hazards for effective control.

Enhance safety, Health and Environment awareness among employees through effective communication and training programs.

Investigation at workplace accidents, incidents leading to possible pollution to environment and / or illness in order to promptly correct / prevent any such conditions and / or practices.

Integrate SHE considerations into business planning and decision making.

Campaign SHE (Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) Policy), responsibility among our employees / associated parties to promote their involvement in adopting good practices for achieving the goals of this policy.